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This part of the site allows you to find a product easily . We give you three alternative ways to look for . If you are looking for a complex, difficult bulk drug or chemical and do not see it here, Please contact us. Maybe we can help.

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ZHEJIANG WONDERFUL PHARMA & CHEM CO. are always developing new products exclusively to meet our customers needs of antineoplastic bulk drugs both fine chemicals and plant extracts in close collaboration. Follows are our new products:
Atorvastatin Ca Stavudine Erdosteine
Zoledronic acid or Sodium Zidovudine Moxifloxacin HCl



Is a specilized foreign trade Industry principal developing and producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(APIs)and fine chemicals for pharmaceutical research and production from grams to hundred kilograms lots.She is founded in 1996,and locates in the YANTOU industrial area of Jiaojiang , Taizhou, Zhejiang Province . The company possesses a perfect system of development, production, manufacture quality guarantee and post-sale service.Up to now , the company has accumulated mature experience on development and production of antineoplastic APIs & ultra pure herbal extract monomer series.


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